By: firstpersonshooter

Mar 10 2014

Category: Arkansas, Family, Natural Light, Portrait, Travel

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 30D

Took a bunch of photos at the lodge with my sister and my two oldest nieces, Ava Grace (on the left) and Edy Rose. Casey would call out expressions for them to make and the girls would join in with hilarious results. Casey chose this one so I went ahead and edited it for her and then decided to post it.

My nieces are gorgeous (I’m partial, obviously, but other folks say the same) and they are a bottomless pit of personality and energy. Edy is a natural comedian and knows exactly how funny she is. She keeps everybody, including her sisters in stitches. Ava has a great sense of humor too but is very thoughtful and inquisitive. And she’s got the most expressive eyes. She can transform her face to communicate countless emotions, and can turn on the charm like it’s a kitchen faucet. She reminds me of a silent film star, just big beautiful expressive eyes. Love my girls.


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