Late Night on Hwy 1

By: firstpersonshooter

Mar 18 2013

Category: California, Landscape, Natural Light, Night/Long Exposure, Travel

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Focal Length:11mm
Shutter:30 sec

My Aunt DJ, who put together this whole trip, earned her hazardous driving certification on several occasions last week, but most notably after the sun went down on Highway 1. She had to handle ridiculous curves, inclines and dips, while hugging a shoreline we mostly couldn’t see due to horrible visibility in the fog. We could’ve made it to San Simeon a bit sooner, but she kept giving in to our every request to pull over and photograph some incredible vista. The only problem with that is that, on Highway 1, there’s an incredible vista around practically every corner.

This was our last stop Tuesday night before arriving at our motel in San Simeon. The light was almost gone, but there was a sliver of moon and some beautiful color on the horizon. Fortunately there was also a low fence post for me to set my camera, lens propped on top of my wallet for balance and slight elevation, and time enough to squeeze off a few shots with the self-timer.

I tried to go back out to the coast later that night for some star trails, but fog, the want of a tripod, and my fear of being snatched in the dark by a Sasquatch prevented any success. I do love long exposure photography though. That’s why I always encourage my students to get SLRs. It really puts the photographer in control of making the “magic” happen.


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