From the archives: Paris Smoker

By: firstpersonshooter

Mar 06 2013

Category: Black & White, Portrait


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I took this shot of the owner of a Paris, Texas junk shop/boutique in 2007 during a photo road trip class for the Association of Texas Photography Instructors summer teacher’s workshop in Commerce. I can credit most of the formal training I’ve had in photography to ATPI, those workshops and great instructors like Jeff Grimm, Mark Murray, John Knaur and Pulitzer Prize winners Jay Dickman and Skeeter Hagler.

A lot of the first serious photos I made were results from those workshops. I also made a lot of good friends there, and even won my first digital camera, an Olympus E-300, as a door prize. I’ve had a lot of these photos rattling around my hard drive for years, so I decided to share some of them.


2 comments on “From the archives: Paris Smoker”

  1. Damn. This is a fine shot.

  2. Damn. That’s a fine compliment. Because I’ve seen what you can do with a camera in your hand. Thanks Don.

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