Baby’s got blue eyes

By: firstpersonshooter

Oct 02 2010

Category: Family, Natural Light, Portrait


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I was digging through some old photos on my laptop and found this one I made of my niece Ava Grace and her daddy last summer. This is most likely just after a cry, which she was doing a lot (namely any time she caught a glimpse of me), but she settled down just long enough to let me grab this shot of her and my brother Graham in the window light.

The family just got all moved to Texas and I can’t wait to get to go see how much Ava Grace and little sister Edy Rose have grown.


3 comments on “Baby’s got blue eyes”

  1. Man we do have so super cute nieces!! I just cant believe how fast she has grown. I love this pic. so precious.

  2. I’ve had Restless Heart’s song, “The bluest eyes in Texas…” on my mind since we moved here. I wouldn’t say her eyes are haunting me tonight, though!

  3. […] hang out long, because you feel secure and loved and cared for. And ice cream was on the way. Love this little girl’s eyes though. For a long time now, and a long time to […]

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